I asked some college students to define friendship, and they inspired me so much. Special thanks to the featured college students for helping me with this project!


My interest in communication and social media and their influence became stronger after I started working with the Global Leadership Organization (GLO), a 501(c)3 non-profit. GLO inspired me to believe with the right attitude and skills, people can drive tangible results that enact positive change in our world and leave legacies that transcend our individual lives. Since I began my involvement with this non-profit, I have started to envision myself to be a social transformative leader of our generation. I care about the most current global issues and have big dreams in making positive impacts for our world. I learned that communication is an essential part in making positive changes in the world. I also learned social media is a great outlet for marketing and spreading message. As a coordinator of  New York Conference planning team, I made this video and published it on our  GLO Leadership Conference Facebook event page.